2016: Year in Review

While 2016 has been a bit of a dumpster fire in many ways – from the loss of David Bowie and Prince to the election – I wanted to take a moment to summarize what might be one of the most productive years I’ve had as a scholar.

First, given the aforementioned dumpster fire and loss of Bowie, my old video on his acting career took on a bittersweet relevancy.  So I wrote about it for Film Studies for Free.

Secondly, I presented on a panel about videographic criticism at SCMS in March.  The work I presented will be featured in the “In Focus” section of a forthcoming issue of Cinema Journal (It is currently slated for summer).  In the meantime, you can watch the video I made to accompany the panel here.

Third, I contributed to a Cinema Journal Teaching Dossier on teaching videographic criticism in April.  You can find that issue here.

I also made a series of videographic pieces for Fandor on everything from Quentin Tarantino, the American Dream in film, and the relationship between American Comic Books and Hollywood.  I made two videos for my own sake – one that is an adaptation of two articles I recently wrote on motion comics (one that can be found in the Journal of Graphic Novels and Comics and one that is forthcoming in Cinema Journal next month) and one loosely adapted from sections of my book.

I had a couple speaking engagements along the way – one at Towson University in Baltimore – about videographic criticism and the work Catherine Grant, Christian Keathley, Chiara Grizzaffi, and I are doing at [in]Transition.   I also tried to make use of a course load reduction to focus on finishing some articles, transition into undergraduate program coordinator and teaching graduate courses, and – most importantly, marketing my book on the stylistic relationship between American Comics and film, which was just published last week by the University Press of Mississippi.

Needless to say, my C.V. has also been updated.

Finally, I’ve been tracking my favorite films of 2016 – which in many ways was a fantastic year for film.  You can find my evolving ranking here.

Onwards and upwards in 2017.  I certainly hope it’s a better year for humanity than this one was.


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