Summer 2016 Update

Dear all,

Since I deleted my account over the ethics of their practices (see this article at Inside Higher Ed), my tabs for syllabi and publications were not functioning.  I’ll post my Fall 2016 syllabi when I get them finalized and – if you’re interested in courses I’ve taught in the past (see the C.V. tab), I’ll be happy to send old drafts.

In the meantime, I have a couple new videos up at Fandor – one on Robin Wood, ideology, and the American Dream and one on Quentin Tarantino’s Inglourious Basterds.  I also made one to accompany my SCMS 2016 presentation on videographic criticism and documentary.

I’m thinking of other publications from the last couple months…  Here’s a piece on teaching videographic criticism in Cinema Journal‘s Teaching Dossier and here’s Landon Palmer, Justine Smith, and I’s new column on The Graduate at Vague Visages.  

That’s really all for now – I really shouldn’t push updates off for six months!  There’s a new issue of [in]Transition coming soon and I’ve spent the last couple weeks indexing my book, Panel to the Screen: Style, American Film, and Comic Books During the Blockbuster Era, which is slated for publication in December from the University Press of Mississippi.  Stay tuned for more on that front.


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