Spring 2018 Syllabi

Here are the syllabi for my three Spring courses: MCOM 2370: American Film History MCOM 419: Popular Culture and Mass Communication (American Comics) MCOM 417: Advanced Video Production MCOM 380: Advanced Professional Communication

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Fall 2017 Update

Hey all, I’ve been pretty busy with the tenure process and fall classes, but I have a couple updates to share. First, [in]Transition has a new issue out on eye tracking, so be sure to check it out if that methodology interests you! Secondly, our book Star Wars and the History of Transmedia has been released.  Even better?  You […]

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Fall 2017 Syllabi

I drafted these back in May and put the finishing touches on them a couple weeks back – here are my syllabi for: American Film History (15 week core curriculum class for majors and non-majors) Introduction to Media Production (15 week F2F theory/practice) Publication Design and Production (15 week F2F theory/practice) Advanced Professional Communication (8 […]

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